This site features info on how to perform the double slap technique & unique music instruction by Jimmy Lee. SuperChords guitar chord instruction is creative. FunkyChops slap bass video riffs help you slap your bass guitar. QuickBeat is the super cool drum machine for all musicians... - How to do the Double Slap Bass Guitar Technique






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Learn the Double Slap Bass technique in Less than 8 Minutes!

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WHAT YOU GET: 7min, 41 sec computer video clip with Jim Lee showing you how he performs the "double thump" technique. This bass guitar technique will help you achieve great speed & will be a fun skill to add to your bass playing! Beginners to pro. No tab, no theory, just Jim demonstrating this groovy bass technique!

NOTE ABOUT INTERNET DOWNLOAD VIDEO QUALITY: Due to Internet speed restrictions, the video has been heavily compressed. Is this a problem? Not at all! I explain everything that I'm, you don't need to see everything in fine detail, just the overall picture! Works with Windows & Mac computers. Of course, an Internet connection is required to download this video clip tutorial that plays on your computer. You will be taken to the download immediately after payment.

Praise : "I am impressed! Mr. Lee is excellent and demonstrates Bass can be fun!!"
$9.99 no shipping costs for this bass guitar instruction download!

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Double Thump Video Tutorial Download $9.99 no shipping costs for this bass guitar instruction download!

Praise: "the double slap technique is awesome!!"

Praise: "Good job Jim! I can do this bass technique pretty well now!"